COVID-19 Virus Update

To our all of our clients, staff, families, and friends….

There’s no doubt we are all currently dealing with unprecedented worrying times. Government advise and restrictions have been forever changing but hopefully we can now see green shoots of recovery and the world returning to a new kind of normal.

A State of emergency has been declared for the whole of Spain since 15th March but as from the 1st of July this will finally come to an end and Mallorca can except foreign visitors.

We are excepting new and excising bookings to start from the 1st of July . To place a new booking we only require a Deposit of 20%, we will contact you for the balance nearer to the start of your hire.

Until further notice our store will remain closed & we will open for bookings & deliveries by appointment only. We will monitor the situation and when there is sufficient customers we will re-open the shop fully.

In order to protect our customers and our staff we have taken Government and common sense advise and have acquired the correct materials and procedures to ensure all bikes are fully cleaned and sanitised before and after your hire period.

We want you all to enjoy your cycling holiday, which in these troubled times maybe difficult. All customers have the option of moving their booking in full to a future date. To be as flexible as possible, bookings can be re-arranged during 2020 or in 2021 & 2022. If you could….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider the option to move your booking, that way we can definitely survive and you have something nice to look forward to. In order to arrange this or if you require details to claim on your insurance please contact us via

As you are participating in a sports holiday customers are advised and generally have taken an Insurance Policy which covers them for this. Your insurance company will have provisions for these kind of scenarios and is best suited to deal with refunds, please contact your insurance provider 1st if this is required.

As you can imagine we have been inundated with worried emails about cancellations and re-bookings. We are trying to formulating plans to satisfactorily deal with this, It will take time and again we ask for your patience.

If we can help in any way please email us on

We wish all our clients and friends the very best and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Stay Safe

Andrew, Jude, Alex , Sally, Paul & Pablo